Saturday, May 19, 2007

Catch This Phrase, Trump

I'm sure everyone who reads this blog is just as indifferent as I am to the fact that NBC decided not to renew Donald Trump's once-popular-but-now-tired-out reality show, The Apprentice. But perhaps someone out there in the blogosphere shares my frustration with the media's overly generous assessment of the Trump's contributions to the English language. In MSNBC's article on the now-canceled show:
His announcement appeared to end any lingering doubt that “The Apprentice,” which turned the self-styled tycoon into a television star and popularized the catch phrase, “You’re fired,” would be banished from NBC’s airwaves next season.
Um, please excuse me, but "You're fired" is no catch phrase! Those two little words signaled doom for less-than-stellar employees everywhere long before The Apprentice hit the airwaves; and last time I checked, Trump's attempt to copyright the phrase failed miserably because of its already ubiquitous meaning and common usage. And just to support my critique, defines a "catchphrase" as thus:
1. a phrase that attracts or is meant to attract attention.
2. a phrase, as a slogan, that comes to be widely and repeatedly used, often with little of the original meaning remaining.
I'm sure I don't need to enthusiastically explain why "You're fired" doesn't live up to either of these definitions, but please - if you have any questions - consult me and I'll do my best. And please, MSNBC, the last thing The Donald needs is another stroke of his - er - pat on his back. Don't encourage him further!


Vanessa said...

Wasn't Paris able to copyright "that's hot"?

Ren said...

Haha, great assessment. I don't understand the rapture around him (or Paris for that matter, Vanessa).