Monday, April 30, 2007

Fun New Ideology Rankings

Straight from Pew Research (use link to view enlarged version of scale):
Republican and Democratic voters express very different views of the ideologies of the leading Democratic candidates. Asked to rate each candidate's ideology on a scale from one to six, where one represents a very conservative position and six very liberal, Hillary Clinton gets an overall score of 4.4. But Republican voters, on average, rate Clinton as 5.0, compared with Democratic voters who score Clinton as a 4.2. Fully 58% of Republican voters give Sen. Clinton the most liberal score possible - a six on the six-point scale - compared with just 22% of Democratic voters.

Question mark: Why is an ideology scale of the primary field including data on Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and "Dubya"? And is anyone else (i.e., Dr. Mack) surprised that the mean ideology self ranking for Democrats is exactly the same as the mean ideology ranking for John Edwards? Does this mean anything for the Edwards campaign and '08 primaries?

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